About me

An incredible panorama from the Turò de les Maleses

I started in my teens with an analog camera borrowed, like many, from my parents. After a few years of total disinterest, thanks to a trip to Spain, I got back to digital photography. Thus I rediscovered the beauty of communicating through images.

I have a passion for travel, world cultures, abandoned places and I am fascinated by the history behind it. In my articles I combine my sensations of the places and the history behind them.

Graduated in phisical education in Italy i have the passion for travel, documentary photography in the nature or in stranges places.

Curiosity about cultures and people, survival expert.


Experiences and expositions

About me

  • “Raval recuerdos y recursos” Can Baste'” 2018, Barcelona, Spain.
  • Primavera fotografica May 2017, project “Women of the independence” Ostra, Italy.
  • Artisti all’opera 2016 Ostra, Italia.
  • Fiesta mayor de Gracia 2017, proyecto “Lands” Barcelona, Spain.
  • 3· pl.  photographic contest Celtic Festival 2013, Montelago, Italy. 
  • Exposition photojournalism civic centre Patì Llimona 2018, Barcelona, Spain.
  • Project “Frames for the common life” 2015, Senigallia Italia.
  • course civic centre Patì Llimona, Barcelona. 2017
  • Photojournalism course Escuela Date Cuenta, Barcelona. 2017
  • Project “Frames for the common life” 2015, Senigallia, Italia. 
  • Online course Shawacademy.
  • Basic photography course, 2013, Ostra Vetere, Italia.




Courses and training

about me

  • Portrait lighting course at Date Cuenta, Barcelona. 2020
  • photojournalism at the Patì Llimona civic center, Barcelona. 2017
  • photojournalism at Date Cuenta, Barcelona. 2017
  • Frames for the common life 2015 project, Senigallia, Italy.
  • Basic photography course, 2013, Ostra Vetere, Italy.



Accredited photographer

about me

  •  Extreme Sport Sailing Series, 2017-2018 Barcelona
  • Imagin Extreme Barcellona – International action sports 2018
  • Longines FEI Cup, 2017 Barcellona
  • Free Skate Jam, 2017 Barcellona
  • Regatta Puig Vela Clasica, 2018 Barcelona
  • Photographer e-stock Alamy, Shutterstock, Dreamstime, Kodakit.

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