My “PERSONAL PROJECTS” is  a corner where I let my creativity take shape. Imaginative projects or photographic documentaries through my camera.

Rocks of Ibiza

The project , wich lasted three months, is a discovery of singular rocky places on Ibiza. Going for weeks all around the island, with a kayak or a little boat, I start to see a different face of the enviroment like the north side. On every hour of the day the sun paint with light and shadows powerfull images on these rocks. 


female look during the protest against the repression of the independence movement in Catalonia.

La Pareidolia quando si fuma

With your imagination you can see everithing, it’s your mind reflecting outside.


You can not find out where they are at the moment.
They are Street’s dreamers, better not to wake them up.


This is not a serious work. I just thought about the use of the cameras, mobiles, and other equipment in our hands connected with socials.


It’s easy to get lost in infinite thoughts between the valleys and the hills surrounding your gaze. From this meditation I found inspiration for this short black and white photographic serie.

Un intreccio di parole e fotografie

A little bit of tension, mistery and of course low lights in black and white. These pictures are taken from the city of Barcelona during various months or maybe years based in the capital of Catalunya.

Other projects at LENS CULTURE. 



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