The island’s old sentinels

Rocks of Ibiza

With folding of the deposited materials, during the secondary and tertiary geological period, the island of Ibiza was born.

The typical limestone rock form is the result of thousands years of storm, tides, hot sun and wind.

The project , which lasted three months, is a discovery of singular rocky places on Ibiza. Going for weeks all around the island, with a kayak or a little boat. I start to see a different face of the environment like the north side or west coast. On every hour of the day the sun paint with light and shadows powerful images on these rocks.

Ibiza is well know as never endings parties but hide a wild side. During my three month trip, far away from heavy soundbeat, I discovered these lonely corners of the island. Here the naturals sounds rules like wind and waves. Here only the locals know how to gain access like a secret bay protecting the boats from storms or strong wind. In the past local fishermans knew every corner of these rocks full of history and legends.

The rocks of Ibiza are like sentries, in solitary silence in front of the vastness and strength of the sea. Guards of ancients memories destined to the inevitable erosion of time.

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Marco Pachiega.

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