Pareidolia when smoking

With your imagination you can see everithing, it’s your mind reflecting outside.

Pareidolia when smoking

Typical of the humans see things but for more information get the link of wikipedia or other certificate informations. Let me talk about my experience.

The ispiration

It’s late night, i’m alone and sitting at the kitchen’s table. Smoking a sigarette waiting to fall asleep. A little lamp painting the walls of a dull yellow. Suddenly a little bit of smoke ended near the bulb light and wanishing after few seconds. This fact attract me so i started to see something.

A face? a devil? or what else? Doesn’t matter.

Finally after few seconds of meditation i grab my DSLR and placed the tripod in front of the lamp.

Of course lighting another sigarette and breathing out the smoke just below the warm lamp. The heat of the bulb makes rising the smoke like a morning fog and suddenly start to shootig. Fast sequence with the maximun aperture. ISO between 200-400 due by the low light. I know this provoke too much noise. Who cares i have no much time to fix and i can’t smoke all night!

The results were interestings, a lot of pictures to delete but just few seems like very apreciable. Just to fix the image a little bit and something start to apprear. A face, a devil, a screaming soul and a swan too!

At the end just few steps of editing to convert in black and white.

So this is my point of view and how my fantasy work to see things where they don’t exist.

Pareidolia when smoking is a beautiful and interesting phenomenon.

Take a look of my gallery below and share!!

Marco Pachiega.