Calatrava tower

Calatrava Tower

Calatrava Tower,

This is a symbol of the pasts Olimpic games of Barcelona in the 1992, made by the famous architect Santiago Calatrava. It is a telecomunication tower with a very strange and innovative structure of 136m heght. it takes just 3 years to build this innovative desing made by stainless steel painted in white. The form try to evoke a greek athlete kneeling ready to receive a medal. Nowaday the trophy of Grand Prix of Spain has the same form and desing.

The form and the inclination allow the tower to be used like a sundial but to be onest not so usefull.


Calatrava Tower
Calatrava Tower

That’s my story: I always saw the tower of Montjuic in the middle of the day, when the sun is high on the sky with his very harsh rays of light. A lot of tourists, Tour Leaders and people comes here to taking photos. A beautiful open space dedicated for the Olimpic Games. But what happen when you reach the site in late afternoon?

The site can change his perspective. It is more quite, less people walk in and the shadows starts to elongate on the ground. The site now looks like a platform for space ships ready to leave the earth in a very futuristic year. At the ground some wires receiving long distance signals from the otherside of the universe. This is a base where leave everything and begin a new journey to nowhere.  It remember me the Stargate series or Star Trek movie with is famous space ship.

Marco Pachiega.