The radio program organizes its first thematic party at Razzmatazz in Barcelona


What is EGBFM

EGBFM is a weekly entertainment program broadcast on 36 radio stations in 20 provinces of the Spanish territory.

EGB stands for Enseñanza General Basica equivalent to the compulsory education system in England .

What is magical about the program? Well all the music, memories, TV series, games and lifestyle of a fantastic period that goes from 1970 to 1990, the year of the Spanish school reform.

Who has never remembered with nostalgia and a sweet smile the past times of adolescence among friends? This is EGBFM. A program to recall the beautiful moments full of music, anecdotes and curiosities of a fantastic period.

Captained by Valen Del Olmo, who since 1988 has enriched his training and professional growth in different well-known radio broadcasts in Spain (M80, Radiolè, Cadena Dial), who directs and conducts the program together with his inseparable friend and great lover of music Xavi Nusas. In principle self-taught he never stopped training and deepening the vast world of sound and music in the technical part of him. A friendship that has not ceased to strengthen and that led them to create the EGBFM program.


The EGBFM party

After so many years of broadcasting, the idea finally comes to unite and involve all fans of this program with a thematic party.

An event held in one of Barcelona’s historic music and event venues, the Razzmatazz.

Obviously, the idea was not just to make the audience dance with the typical songs of those years but to make them participate with a prize competition, a cameo of the most famous television programs and the icing on the cake, a respectable special guest: GUS Jackson. An incredible double of the king of pop Michael Jackson.

Gus Jackson


Nominated as the best imitator in Europe and second in the world by the web

Of Canary origin, he began in adolescence to imitate the king of pop in a dance company where he performed imitations and performances of him with him.

In 1996 it was caught on cameras of the same king of pop as he performed in the middle of the street in front of thousands of fans waiting to enter the concert the artist was holding that same night in Zaragoza, Spain!

Since that moment he has never ceased to ignite parties and events with his incredible style and likeness, so much so that in 1997 the multinational SONY contacted Gus Jackson for the promotion of the album “Blood on the dancefloor” and shortly after for the film ” Ghosts “.

Awards and engagements in different shows have never ceased to follow each other.





The party

The idea of ​​making a radio program tangible is not easy, especially if it is the first edition.

But as often happens, passion helps the bold. So Valen Del Olmo with Xavi Nusas decided to try their hand at this adventure without excluding the risks.

The party opened the doors of room 3 of the Razzmatazz at 18:00 on Sunday 23 October 2022. The event was already sold out a few days before its start! An initially curious and shy audience completely filled the room with DJ Fran’s music selection.

As anticipated, the event was not only a revival of the most iconic songs of the period but a prize competition where some of the participants catapulted into the past to recognize the music of the most popular television series of that time.

The relaxed and festive atmosphere culminated with the performance of Gus Jackson where the audience was amazed not only by his incredible similarity in the features of the face if not for the unmistakable style of dancing typical of the king of pop. A show that took the audience back in time, who never stopped dancing and singing the most famous hits out loud.

A festive, serene and friendly atmosphere accompanied the party which ended at 22:00 throughout the course.


Maybe it’s too early to think about it but many of the participants at the event have already asked when the second edition. To stay informed on news and above all to continue to relive the legendary past years, all that remains is to follow EGBFM on Instagram, Facebook, You Tube and its web page.

Marco Pachiega. 

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