la floresta trekking


La Floresta Valldoreix trekking


La Floresta Valldoreix trekking: just fews numbers to remember

  • 10 Km distance
  • 4h time
  • 250 mt disnivell
  • and remember to bring water, good shoes and a camera


 This is my story:

Sometimes I’m very tired about massive traffic, caos of Barcelona, one of the most polluted city in Europe. So when I want to get immerged in a quiet and relaxing environment there is a quick and cheap solution, just behind the city.

The solution is called Collserola Park. 

Over the little mountains, limiting the city, concrete stops to allow green colors and quiet nature take place. By  train (S1) direction Terrassa I reach a little town named La Floresta.

Jump in and after 30 min I jump off to realize about the huge change in the enviroment.

The main color here is green and from the station the access to many differents trekkings paths is very easy.

I take Can Bosquet direction to reach Valldoreix town. The asphalt soon converts into a terrain path, the air is clean and fresh. So my nose start to recognize again the smell of the grass, the ground humidity and my skin appreciate the changing temperature due by shadows and sun. Simply amazing.

It takes little time to acclimate to the silence and sweet sounds of the nature. The path going down to reach a little river, humidity start to rise up and my skin love this kind of feeling. Sounds of birds, colors of trees and my quiet step on the ground slower the brain thinking.

Meanwhile, i’m crossing different times the little river, is amazing how the enviroment starts to get more darker and dim in light. The sun’s rays hardly penetrates the ground covered by moss and grass due by old and tick branches of trees. The silent is interrupted only by singing birs and my camera’s shutter click.


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Shadows, light, silence, wind: it’s beautiful how the nature blend all together and it seems to be in a rain forest . The path bring me through Can castelvi untill I reach the monastery of La salut where it’s pleasant to view my final goal : Valldoreix the other town little far from Barcelona. Finally i reach the train station to back to the big city. My feet are little tired, my camera full of pictures. This evening i’m not going out. A lot of editing work wait for me. And it’s amazing!