Materic a creative space at l’Hospitalet

A double artistic performance, where body and art mix together

Barcelona is not only a venue for sporting events, such as the classic Puig sailing regatta that I have witnessed, but also welcomes performances by artists from all over the world. This time I went to Hospitalet de Llobregat, a municipality located near the Catalan capital, to attend a particular event.


What is Materic

On Saturday 22nd September 2018 a double performance took place at Materic. A research space focused on the practice and creation of performances with artists of different disciplines, who have the opportunity to propose and implement their projects. Marina Barsy Janer, Enrich F. and Isil Sol Vil are the three founders and curators of the project started in 2015.

Two performances in a single day

On this occasion two different artists participated in style and theme.

Paloma Orts

Valencian artist and professor of art, has an extreme and intimate relationship with nature and small daily gestures. His performance was carried out in the street, showing enormous dedication and concentration. His movements on the street wanted to express the fatigue and pain of those who had to take a long way to work.


Helen Ceballos

Artistic director, from the Caribbean, he founded Mezcolanza, a cultural platform that offers an open and itinerant scenario since 2013. Using a large amount of candles Helen has created a very original and intimate space. An exposure in the tones initially very sweet and delicate but that combined with his story gradually added dark and sad shades. An artistic performance denouncing the abuse and suffering that all migrants suffer. An always current theme that I was able to deepen thanks to the interview realized immediately after his performance.

Marco Pachiega