Regata puig vela classica barcellona


With over forty boats taking part, the classic sailing regatta of Barcelona reaches its 11th edition.

Barcelona, ​​14/07/2018

In addition to the Extreme Saling Series in Barcelona another important nautical event takes place.

The Regatta Puig classic sailing comes to its XI edition reconfirming event of prestige and attraction for lovers of classic sailing in the Mediterranean scenery of the Catalan capital. With over five hundred participants in the race, forty boats from seven nations have struggled to gain the victory during the three days from Wednesday 11th to Saturday 14.

Three categories Classic, Vintage and Big Boat, have divided the boats participating in an interspersed scenario from moments of strong wind to flat calm, especially in the last two days. Despite the weather changes the departure was punctual at 13:00 bringing the following final classification:

Bermudian Époque
1. Peter (RCNB), Claudio Mealli 2 points
2. Mercury (CM Mahon), Jordi Cabau 4 points
3. Irina VII (Yacht Classique Cetois), Beteille / Triby 6 points

Cangreja Époque
1. Marigan (RCN Palma), Tim Liesenhoff 2 points
2. Gipsy (RCM Santander), Ricardo Rubio / José Luís Vilar 10 points
3. Freda (RCN Palma), Miguel Rigo Avella 11 points

Classics 1
1. Guia (RCNB), Ramón Roses 5 points
2. Yanira (RCNB), Regatta Experience 5 points
3. Corsario II (marina Militare), Italian Army 6 points

Classics 2
1. Argos (New York YC), Barbara Trilling 2 points
2. Altamar (RCM Barcelona), Javier Ramos 5 points
3. Margarita Estalindalamar (CVP Andratx), Antón de Llano 6 points

Big Boats
1. Halloween (Royal Irish Club), Mick Cotter 3 points
2. Moonbeam IV (Yatch Cl. Monaco), Tom Van der Bruggen 5 points
3. Moonbeam III (SN Saint Tropez), Carsten Gerlach 5 points


For more information on the events of the Regatta Puig Sailing Classic Barcelona click on the following link.

XI edition

In its eleventh edition, the Puig Vela Classica regatta is reconfirmed as a meeting and competition event for lovers and fans of classic sailing. Divided into the three categories, the sailmakers have been able to admire fascinating boats, which require a well-trained crew in traditional navigation.


Moombean IV, Islander, and Yanira are just some of the nautical jewels that participated in the race, demonstrating technique and beauty in sailing the Mediterranean waters in front of Barcelona. A show also for those who preferred to follow the development from the coast of Barcelona, ​​confirming once again the Catalan capital an excellence for this classic regatta, a source of attraction for many tourists.

The Puig family

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Marco Pachiega.