The murals of Cacciano

The Cacciano murals

The art of murals that reflects nature

The Cacciano murals

Returning from my last trekking from Portbou to Cadaquès, I decided to go for a week in Italy making a wonderful discovery.


Hidden in the mountains of the Marche Apennines at 554 meters above sea level, Cacciano is a small fraction of Fabriano where barely a hundred people live. Getting there is not difficult. Taking the SS76 from Ancona to Fabriano and going up a couple of U turns sudden you get to the center.

The Cacciano murals

Few elderly people, sitting on benches, spend the last days of August telling stories and gossip. There is neither a pharmacy, a grocery store or a restaurant. The residents, to see me walk greet me with smug looks and a little proud. Why tourists and curious stop in this town?

A lady asks if even me and my family came to see the murals. You read well, murals!

For several years the country has become famous for its open-air works, first realized on special panels now directly on the walls of the houses. Several artists took part in the project and in the last two years Federico Zenobi, at the invitation of the Fenalc club, gave further impetus to the initiative with beautiful murals. The last work is called “harmony” and depicts a robin surrounded by cherry branches.

Federico is a famous street artist and tattoo artist from Jesi, do you want to know more about him? Here is the link of web page.

The Cacciano murals

Art immersed in nature

The murals in question are not futuristic drawings typical of a metropolis of iron and concrete, but works that reflect the place. Cacciano is immersed in nature and what can be admired on the walls are landscapes, birds, animals or ancient crafts of the past. Walking through its streets is a continuous discovery: a peacock, a giant hawk or the portrait of “Aunt Ita”. The latter is really impressive! A portrait of the 90-year-old woman made with spray cans of 7 meters¬†high and five meters wide.

In the gallery you will not find all the works of the village, you’ll discover them all. It’s worth it!

Marco Pachiega