The hidden nativity scenes of Castiglioni

The hidden nativity scenes of Castiglioni

A small village where you can discover a tradition rich in art and manual skills

The hidden nativity scenes of Castiglioni

After flying from Ibiza to Thailand it’s time to stop and relax a bit in Italy. More precisely in the Marche region. I have already written an article about the undiscovered beauties of this region. Like that of the village of Elcito or Cacciano.

The region is a treasure chest that contains beautiful villages and castles perched on hills or gentle hills. A fairy-tale landscape that inspired my project Lands.

But back to us, this time I want to tell you about the hidden nativity scenes of Castiglioni di Arcevia. Here we leave the chaotic cities, the roads clogged with traffic and we arrive in a solitary village on a small relief, near the town of Arcevia.

A little history of Podium Castellonis

The Podium Castellonis originates after the year one thousand with the first document dated 1199 of Pope Innocent III. It is located between the municipality of Arcevia and Serra dè Conti near the Valle del Misa. Its structure is typical of a fortified castle with mighty walls. One of the two main entrance doors has been restored in a neoclassical style, the other still preserves the feudal architectural style. Its fortification was necessary given the continuous wars and looting typical of the XII-XIV century.

The town of nativity scenes

It is a tradition throughout the Christian world to prepare, in addition to the Christmas tree of pagan origin, the crib. A moment that is often celebrated with the whole family. Here at Castiglioni the only difference is that the cribs are then exposed to the streets of the town. All obviously decorated with lights and characteristic settings.

Building a crib sometimes requires not only manual skills from Carthusian but also imagination and spirit of adaptation. The materials used are different: wood, ceramic, iron and even the pasta is not excluded from the list!

The hidden nativity scenes of Castiglioni

Walking through the silent alleys in search of these art works is a real treasure hunt. Every corner can hide a surprise! The tower with its bell slowly marks time in an incredible landscape. The sunset behind the town of Arcevia gives the last moments of light to the valley. It darkens and the lights come on creating a new atmosphere in Castiglioni. A little touch of warmth to the cribs on the balconies, to the doorsteps or to the corners of the alleys

The hidden nativity scenes of Castiglioni

A wonderful initiative that will surely surprise even this year. You can’t miss it!

Where is Castiglioni? Here is the map where you can visit the village nestled in the Marche countryside and get more information on scheduled events.

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