Alella, what am I doing here?

Alella, what am I doing here?

A free day and without realizing it I find myself in Alella, what i m doing  here?

  • 975 the year of the country’s first documentation
  • Approximately 30 minutes by train from Barcelona’s Clot Station
  • A small church with more than 1000 years and Gaudí design


One of Barcelona’s amenities is to have several public transport facilities available. With a free day you can visit some of the small villages around the big city. So today i go to Alella. What can I see? And what to do? Better to enjoy the surprise and do only a brief search. For more information you can find here more info about Alella.

 Moving to facts.

You could even take a bus but in my case I prefer to take a walk and walk to the center. No sooner said than done. It does not take long and I enjoy crossing the dry rio that takes me to the square.

But when it comes, the question arises spontaneously. Alella, what am I doing here?

The gentleman in the picture above seems to have understood my question. Or maybe has he been doing it for several years? I do not know. I’m here now. The only thing to do is to continue the tour. At first impact it will not take long!

The main Germans’s square is simple with an ancient 17th-century villa decorated with Baroque style. Today is the tourist center. The press  placed in the middle, suggests Alella is a well-established wineries town. And that’s right. It is famous for its vineyards. Passing for the market, i’m arriving at the church of San Feliu. Today is closed but I read in a plate that among the many modifications, extensions and fires of 1936, also here Gaudi helped for the interior design.

In fact, he designed the interior of the chapel with the typical “Sanctus” inscriptions that you can find in the Sagrada Familia.

Shame is closed today. Bad luck.

The short tour continue. I shopping in the typical grocery store and it’s time to climbs up the hill. (Please note that almost Catalan is spoken here!)

The small town leaves room for pine woods and dirty roads. Suddenly I enjoy the panoramic view.

The tour was pleasant. Going back to the centre, i find a winerie affected by a fire in the center! If you want more info on the very fact you find it here.


Alella, what am I doing here?

As in all respectable town, there is also a performing information and espionage center. Detained by the best agents of the site!

Better to stay away!