Alella, what am I doing here?

Alella, what am I doing here? A free day and without realizing it I find myself in Alella, what i m doing  here? 975 the year of the country’s first documentation Approximately 30 minutes by train from Barcelona’s Clot Station A small church with more than 1000 years and Gaudí design   One of Barcelona’s amenities is to have several public transport facilities available. With a free day you can visit some of the small villages around the big city. So today i go to Alella. What can I see? And what to do? Better to enjoy the surprise and do only a brief search. For more information you can find… Read More

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Cable Car

Cable Car Of Barcelona

CABLE CAR OF BARCELONA Cable car of Barcelona. Do you like to fly over the port area of Barcelona and reach the Montjuic? Well cable car of Barcelona is what you need. From the most famous beach of Barceloneta to the famous promontory: The Montjuic. You can ceck tickets and time table here. Few numbers to keep in mind: An architect, two important dates and three stations.   Carles Buigas designed the structure for the exhibition of 1929 but 1931 was the year of inauguration.   The three stations: the towers of St. Sebastien, St. Jaume and Miramar. In ten minutes you will arrive at Montjuic enjoying a unique panorama with… Read More

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