The face of ancient Indian guarding a submerged treasure


The adventure of Ibiza continues. In the previous article I spoke of an Ibizan Stonehenge, this time we traveling a little more with the imagination.

The north coast

Ibiza is a continuous wild landscape. Hidden beaches, very little urbanization and even the mobile phone often doesn’t work thankfully! By kayaking you can enjoy even more the impressive landscape that the island in its silence gives you. At some point, just past an arch of rock you can see the austere face of an Indian. The shape is giant! It almost looks like a guardian of a treasure, which follows protected by its gaze. Is it true? Will there be a treasure nearby?

The truth is that yes. The Indian guards an ancient underwater treasure!

Let’s go back to reality

More than a treasure, however, they are rusted steel pieces. No gold or secret maps of the island and the Indian’s face does not exist. It must be said that the brain is used to associating something recognizable with an abstract form. It’s called pareidolia. Some time ago I did a little photographic project with cigarette smoke. Certainly not very healthy, but of great inspiration.

The incredible shapes of the rocks, which are thrown into the sea, form designs and shapes that are often unthinkable. A dome that looks like an unfinished cathedral, cyclopean rocks that have come off who knows how many thousand years ago and also strange shapes to remember animals! Obviously it could not fail to be able to recognize a human face or perhaps more than one. We are in Ses torretes located on the north coast of Ibiza. As soon as you arrive in the vicinity of a rock arch you can admire the serious face of the Indian. A few tens of meters further on, instead, we can see the ancient remains of the merchant ship Neptune of 174 meters.


It was launched in 1954 and on 16 January 1980 was towed to be dismantled. Unfortunately the cable that pulled the structure broke. The Neptune remained stranded and a sea storm ended up destroying it completely against the rocks of “Davall es Alls”. Even today, the chassis of one of the two engines can be glimpsed a few meters deep and the pistons of an impressive size! Moreover, a bronze helix and further remains of the boat are clearly visible in the vicinity.


Throughout the coast you can catch a glimpse or imagine forms of animals or curious faces. At every corner of the coast Ibiza hides a surprise!


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Marco Pachiega

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