The colors of the Tagamanent peak in the fall

The colors of the Tagamanent peak in the fall

An easy path that allows you to admire a magnificent autumn panorama

The colors of the Tagamanent peak in the fall

In the first days of December, despite the late autumn, you can come across some still warm and pleasant days. The interesting excursion to the Dolmen de la Pedra Gentil has meant that my search for interesting places continues. Above all reachable by train from Barcelona.
There is nothing better than taking advantage of a good day to catch the R3 train line from Barcelona and get to the small El Figaro-Montmany station. The village was in the past formed only by a hostel used to receive travelers. Today it has about 1000 inhabitants.

The colors of the Tagamanent peak in the fall

The Path

Starting from the station you cross the Rio Congost thanks to a flyover and turn right for about few meters. From here the clear signage indicates the ascent to the top of the Tagamanent.

It is only ten o’clock in the morning and the previously warm air has stiffened. The sky lets pass some clouds that are dispersed and rise on the peaks that surround the valley. To get to the summit, go up aside the Riera de Vallcàrquera through the path called “ruta dels arbres de Vallcàrquera”.

It’s autumn!

The route is not too demanding and is characterized by the typical autumn colors. The intense red of the leaves or the green of the moss are the main tonalities of the path. Apart from the time lost in making long exposure photos, the arrival at the top of Tagamanent is not long. Surprisingly, the landscape that is presented is very fascinating. The heat of the intense sun causes a dense fog to rise in the valley below, expanding and contracting at a regular pace. The effect creates an imaginary sea that moves and engulfs some hills below and then let them re-emerge in the sun. A typical autumn landscape!

The sanctuary of Santa Maria de Tagamanent and the castle

The summit, at 1056 meters a.s.l, has always been a strategic point for the control of the Vallès Oriental territory. It is no coincidence that some documents attest to the presence of an ancient castle since the year one thousand a.C. Unfortunately, once you get to the top  not even a trace you’ll see of the military structure, while it is clearly visible the sanctuary of Santa Maria the ancient church about a thousand years old. The main building, which dominates the vast panorama, is in excellent condition probably due to a recent restoration still in progress. The building is sometimes engulfed by the fog that gradually gains strength creating a mysterious and disturbing environment. The sun slowly descends and leaves room for moments of poor visibility that are little by little more longer.

The colors of the Tagamanent peak in the fall

Return to the station

It’s incredible how in a few minutes the weather changes in the mountains. Once again, nature has shown its strength and unpredictability. The day characterized by light clouds left space for a beautiful sun and then disappeared behind a blanket of fog. To avoid trouble, it is good to go back and get to the El Figaro station before it gets dark. Ironically as you resume the journey descending altitude, the sun returns to shine giving away its last hours of light this day. The atmosphere of the late afternoon gives even more emphasis to the autumn mood, creating really interesting colors and shades.

The colors of the Tagamanent peak in the fall


The cold evening air makes the short wait for the train more painful. Finally the little convoy stops at the station. A nice place to sit after a long walk would be ideal. But the dream of a deserved rest fades as soon as the doors open. The train is saturated with passengers returning to the city after visiting the medieval market of Vic. You just have to stand another hour standing and then appreciate at best a warm shower and a soft sofa of home.

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Marco Pachiega