Torre Salvana

Torre Salvana

Torre Salvana. Just few numbers to remember:

  • 1 is the hour to reach the fortification from the Barcelona’s city centre.
  • 1000 and more are the years of existence of the structure, dated 992
  • 1988 is the year when is cataloged as of Cultural Interest.
  • but…different episodes define this castle like an hauted fortification, where some people never want to see it again. They called the Hell’s Castle.


Torre Salvana
Torre Salvana

This is my story:

After a brief search on the web, I jumped on metro L1 and then train  S8 to get to the desired location. Fortunately Torre Salvana is just 5 minutes of walk from the train station. Turning to the pine forest that surrounds it, the Hell’s Castle inspires admiration and partly fear. With respect and in silence i take the firsts pictures.

The clear sky does not help much for a interesting composition. But in the end his austere tower still standing for more than 1000 years, manages to instill sinister sensations. How many people will be entered? how much of it will be out?  What happened inside this walls? From outside his tower seems to hide a portal to the past or to another dimension.

And then inside? After a bit of thought and research I find a passage. What presents itself to me is totally different from the outside. Stairs, windows, walls, arches , all the fortification is in ruins and it looks like tired of the thousands of people who entered them. There is not much to discover, only to explore with caution and silence. The sunset light on the other hand offers interesting reflections and colors. The walls of the castle play almost everywhere to reflect the light that comes from the cracks and windows without fear. A place that from outside may be sinistrer but inside hides a respectful silence.

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Marco Pachiega.