marotrell devil's bridge


Martorell Devil’s bridge

An ancient legend about the Devil, a bridge and a cunning woman

Martorell Devil's bridge

Martorell Devil’s bridge: just few numbers to remember:

  • 30  the minutes from Barcelona by train
  • 21 meters highest vault
  • 1143 the first documented reconstruction
  • 1939 demolished due by civil war

This is my history:

Meanwhile looking on web I read a story of a bridge made by devil near the capital of catalunya. Therefore after a little reseach i took the train (R4) to reach the town of Martorell with only 30 minutes to investigate the site.

Martorell is a very pretty town due by his interesting buindigs. In 10 minutes by walking finally i’m front of this famous bridge. Llobregat’s river sides are connected by an ogival vault of 21 meters high.

Martorell Devil's bridge

A famous legend tells about an old woman. She was tired to cross the river everyday getting her foot wet and cold. One day she encountered the devil. The lord of the evil offer to build a bridge for her.

Most of all devil’s deals pretend something to payback. A soul of course. Therefore with just one night he build the bridge to finally get the woman’s life. Hence the day after he was waiting on the other side of the bridge. Naturally the woman knows the deal and before crossing, she let pass a black cat. As a result the devil get payed with just the little soul of the animal.

Despite the legends and rumors the real history of Martorell devil’s bridge is different. From the roman period to medieval times, this construction granted connection to the town. In 1939 was demolished due by civil war. Nowadays conserves too the roman basements and the main arch of entrance.

It’s the 3 o’clock in the afternoon. As always before get pictures is better to observe and take your time. So between a cigarette and a little walk nearby i take different point of view about the structure. Is just a bridge of course. But knowing the real story and the legends runs about this place could bring a different approach to get pictures.

Meanwhile some clouds come to cover a little bit the sun on the west orizon. As a result the light comes more interesting helping me to play with shadows.

Shooting, pause, repeat. Just few more shots and it’s time to back home.

Most of the time what are you shooting from the frame appear in different mood when you editing. Some pictures get the real form of the bridge, but others bring a different point of view. Austerity and a little bit of thrills are the emerging sensations.

In conclusion, for some reasons, this place it seems like a connection to another world.

Maybe hell?

Ah ah ah of course not!

But beware, the devil is not very happy caring for eternity about a black cat.

Marco Pachiega

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