going up the Besòs river

Barcelona – La Garriga going up the Besòs river

Barcelona – La Garriga going up the Besòs river A cycle path of about 40 km between greenery, water and urbanization Slow travel The average speed that a person travels when walking is about 4 km per hour. By making two broad calculations in one day, a distance of about 40 km can be covered. Moving at this speed is a good method against the stress and frenzy of this century that travels all too quickly between planes, cars and broadband connections. A cadence that takes us back to a primitive and ancestral state, when man had neither wheels nor animals for his long journeys. Between the manhole and the… Read More

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The gnomes hut

The gnomes hut A space dedicated to fantasy and to the typical characters of fairy tales hidden in a pine forest of La Garriga A free day can offer you different possible activities: watch a series, read a book or maybe take the R3 train, which takes 45 minutes from Barcelona to La Garriga. La Garriga La Garriga is a Spanish municipality located in the Eastern Vallès of Catalonia. A small town where the surrounding landscape is characterized by mountains and pine forests. An environment with clean air and silence, very different from the chaos of the Catalan capital. Apart from the historic center, churches and ancient villas of the… Read More

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