An incredible panorama from the Turò de les Maleses

An incredible panorama from the Turò de les Maleses

Discovering an ancient Iberian settlement

An incredible panorama from the Turò de les Maleses

Do you want to admire a good part of Catalonia without getting on a balloon or a helicopter?

Here is a really interesting excursion to stay amazed once you reach the Turò de le Maleses.

To begin, as usual, a train takes me to the city of Besòs. From here the Tugsal bus leaves me at the Can Ruti hospital. An impressive building at the foot of the Serralada de Marina park. I leave the hospital behind and enter the path called La Font de l’Amigò. The route goes into a vegetation of pines and shrubs, alternating with oaks now almost bare since we are in mid-December.

An incredible panorama from the Turò de les Maleses

Going up the torrent the humid air of the ditch alternates with the warmer radiance of the afternoon sun. The climb proceeds on a rough terrain. The path, despite the apparent calm, is well attended. Cyclists on mountain bikes and locals walk the path for a bike ride a bit challenging or for a walk with dog.

The Iberian settlement

The top of the turò de les Maleses has an altitude of 420 a.s.l. and in less than an hour, if you do not stop every two minutes to take pictures, you get to a cross just before the summit. The left path would take me directly to the valley so I choose the right one to reach the summit after a few minutes. The walk end in front of a sign indicating the presence of the remains of an ancient Iberian settlement, the ancient population of Laietani. This denomination is used starting from the I century AD but their origin is much older. The Laietani were engaged in hunting, fishing and usually resided in high places to protect themselves from possible enemy attacks.

Clearly at first sight there is not much to see except stones and small restored walls, which testify to the old houses. Starting from 1928 the settlement discovered at the turò de les Maleses has received several restoration works.

A fantastic panorama

My gaze initially focuses on where to put my feet. But once the backpack in a comfortable place, my eyes widen in front of the whole Vallès Oriental.

The first recognizable form is obviously the Montserrat that in the distance stands alone as if it were the Ayers Rock of Australia. Looking towards the right, the Mola appears and then, in a long mountain range, the Riscos de Berti, the peak of the Tagamanent and the quiet mountains of the Montseny park. The panorama does not end here. Continuing to turn in a clockwise direction, I can see the Mediterranean sea following a glimpse of Barcelona, ​​the Turò de la Rovira, the Tibidabo and to close the Turò de Reixac. The latter with its particular shape looks like the top of Machu Picchu. Obviously I use the imagination a lot but it seems to have half the world at my feet!

The clear sky makes the feeling of vastness and amazement that the view gives me even more intense. Now I understand better the special geographic conformation of Catalonia with its mountain range close to the coast and its peaks with an original shape.

The excursion continues

I just have to sit down and enjoy the 360 ​​degree panorama with a nice sandwich. Need anything else?

An incredible panorama from the Turò de les Maleses

The rest ends and I go back on my steps to resume the path that will take me to Montcada de Reixac. A steep and difficult descent begins due to water erosion. Fortunately, a good pair of hiking boots can save you from several twists or accidental falls. The vegetation filters the heat of the sun causing the shade to fall in several glimpses of the route. Fortunately, the hermitage of Sant Pere de Reixac gives me another moment of full sun. Here the path opens up into another interesting panorama.

Sant Pere de Reixac

An incredible panorama from the Turò de les Maleses

The ancient hermit of Sant Pere de Reixac has a thousand-year history marked by fire and destruction. On two occasions the hermit was partially destroyed during the War of the Segadors 1651 and during the Spanish Civil War of 1936. His subsequent restructurings hide the Romanesque origin dated 963. Behind the building, sitting on a bench, I enjoy a another deserved moment of relaxation with sun and colors that illuminate the Vallès.

An incredible panorama from the Turò de les Maleses

The view of the Turò de Reixac indicates the end of the journey. I continue the descent stopping often to contemplate the calm and serene landscape while the sun goes behind the mountains, leaving space to the typical violet and bluish tones of the sunset. An almost full moon rises to the east.

The night goes down and I arrive at the town of Montcada de Reixac. Through the Besòs river and I go to the station to return to Barcelona.

Almost perfect

With an incredible timing I enter in the station, buy the ticket and get on the train just arrived almost empty. Too good to be true! In fact, after 5 minutes of sitting comfortably, the train is canceled due to a problem at the Sants station. I’ll have to get back on the subway! There could not be missing an unexpected event on this almost perfect excursion.

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