Hike to Parc dels Talls

Hike to Parc dels Talls

A park where past human intervention and nature have merged to create a unique landscape


Hike to Parc dels Talls

Leaning against the small urban center of Vilobì del Penedes, the Park Dels Talls is an area of considerable botanical and faunal wealth. The path to reach it is easy and suitable for all ages.

Away from Barcelona

Vilafranca Del Penedes

As with past excursions to Floresta or Turò de les Maleses, it is very easy to leave Barcelona to find yourself immersed in nature and enjoy its colours, sounds and above all its scents.

This time I decide to head towards a peculiar park which attracted me by its curious story.

Taking the R4 train from Plaza Catalunya, in just over an hour I reach Vilafranca Del Penedès, a municipality located in the Alto Penedès area. The city has a long history of merchants, culinary and wine tradition. Especially for the typical Catalan sparkling wine, cava.





An open landscape

As mentioned before, the R4 train leaves me at the almost deserted station of Vilafranca. At a good pace I set out following the directions on the map, which take me out of the town in a short time. The houses and narrow streets give way to sweeping views of the countryside. My vision doesn’t lose a moment in embracing them and deeply breathing the clean air. A perfect spring climate, where a light breeze refreshes my skin from the heat of the sun which recovers day after day from winter hibernation.


The flat area makes the trail much easier than other past hikes. So I decide to let myself be guided by curiosity since in the immensity of the fields and open spaces every road seems good for moving.

And it’s a really nice feeling. I walk relaxed, almost aimlessly and the sensation of my feet plowing the dry and somewhat dusty ground without worries is adorable. There are no peaks to reach or steep passes to pay attention to, only broad views among fields and rows of vines. I feel good, the day is beautiful. I stop to admire the ancient farmhouses scattered throughout the area, while white clouds give respite to the sun that beats hard on my skin, on the newly born leaves and on the newly blossomed flowers. Taking sunny photos. A landscape and an atmosphere of South American territory.

I continue the journey passing by the church of San Ginesio, guarded by some ducks and through the town hall Pacs del Penedes. The dusty road that winds its way through the fields begins to climb gently and around a bend ends in a clearing surrounded by high limestone walls. I arrived!

The Parc Dels Talls

Parc dels Talls has a particular history. The area is located close to the municipality of Vilobì del Penedes. Historical documentation narrates that Vilobì was a center of extraction and mining since 1500 if not in an even more distant era. The climax was reached in the twentieth century due to the great demand for building materials. Unfortunately the company that was formed after 20 years of activity had to close in 1993 due to water infiltration on the extraction walls. The inconvenience meant that the quarry was closed and abandoned, leaving room for nature. The geological peculiarity of the land surrounds a flora of pines, brooms and plants typical of the Mediterranean area. The latter has consequently attracted a fauna rich in biodiversity.

Hike to Parc dels Talls

Through a census between 2018-2019, 379 birds were recorded belonging to 33 different species, as well as foxes, water snakes, frogs, turtles and insects.

A unique ecosystem of its kind where fauna and flora could proliferate once the destructive activity of man ceased.

Nature behind the house

The park is really nice and visiting it in the middle of the week means that it is not crowded. The silence is broken only by a few families and the chirping of birds.

I reach the edge of the pond which, despite its charm, instills fear in me at the same time. I’ve never really liked stagnant and enclosed waters. Other than that the area is an oasis where you can relax and rejuvenate your mind. A wooden tower, useful for birdwatching, gives me some shade where I can eat my sandwich.

I remain to contemplate the area a little longer before getting back on the road. This time however, given the time, I decide to take the shortest route to reach the train station. A long straight stretch of asphalt leads me to the center of the city.

I quickly buy the ticket and to my surprise the train arrives just in time! I find a place between the wagons, giving my feet a little rest while with a carefree soul I review the photos taken.

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Marco Pachiega.